Human PBMC cells with Productive V-J Spanning Pair

15000 human PBMC cells were used in a standard experiment.
The library were generated using MobiCube V(D)J v1.0 kit and sequencing on illumina NovaSeq 6000 using paired end 150.
Analysis was followed by default parameters in MobiVision V2.1.

Human PBMC V(D)J chain UMI counts

Estimated Number of Cells1013
Median IGH UMIs per Cell10.0
Median IGK UMIs per Cell21.0
Median IGL UMIs per Cell22.0
Estimated Number of Cells2700
Median TRA UMIs per Cell3.0
Median TRB UMIs per Cell6.0


IG Result(1.3MB, .rar)
TR Result(1.5MB, .rar)
report-view(3.8MB, .html)
fastq(11G, .zip)